Farm Estate Planning


Farm Estate Planning

The process of Farm Estate Planning is similar to normal succession and estate planning; however, most consider the unique tax aspects that farms and family farmers, are subject too.

In the past, the family farm has often passed from one generation, to the next. Canada’s tax rules are still quite favorable for allowing that transition to occur; however, the value of the family farm has grown significantly, which has presented greater issues, and more care in navigating through these needs.

At R.R. Dobel Insurance Agency Ltd., we have over 50 years of experience, dealing with family farms, and helping ensure a successful transition.

We carefully maintain to understand the family wishes, as well as try to ensure a fair, and equitable plan for the succession of the farm.

We try to deal with those that will farm, those that will not, and how best to financially look after those leaving, or retiring from the farm.

We can assist in making sure everyone’s wishes are fulfilled in the best and most economic manner.


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