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Mortgage Life Protection Insurance

Mortgage life insurance is a product sold by financial institutions, it’s put in place to protect the mortgage in the event of death, disability, or a critical illness. Often, when we get a mortgage through the bank or credit union, they ask if we would like to insure our mortgage and have you made the decision when signing off on the mortgage; there is another alternative. Personally, held insurance does everything the financial institutions protection does, but better and often at lesser premium.

Traditional life insurance compared to the bank’s coverage:

  • You decide the amount that you want and for how long. With the bank you’re only insured for the mortgage and the length of the mortgage.
  • Underwriting is done prior to getting a policy with life insurance, so you are more likely to receive the death benefit. With the bank underwriting is done at the time of a claim and can be denied because of previous health history.
  • Individual coverage doesn’t decline when you pay down your mortgage, the bank will only payoff what’s remaining.
  • You name the beneficiary with a private policy; with the bank… they’re the beneficiary.
  • In most cases, privately owned life insurance is a lesser Premium!

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