Critical Illness Insurance


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump sum cash payment upon a medical diagnosis of covered conditions such as a heart attack, cancer, or stroke. Like life insurance, you decide the amount of coverage at the time of application and type of product that best fits your needs. Critical illness insurance products can cover you for 10 years, or for a full lifetime and can have added benefits such as, a full return of premium if you never have a claim. Plans can be modified to cover as little as 4 conditions, and depending on carrier, can cover 25 or more.

It is valuable protection that can help you offset the extra expenses that often accompany a serious health condition such as:

  • Medical expenses not covered by your provincial health care plan
  • Home care expenses (such as a nurse or housekeeper)
  • The cost of going to a private clinic or getting out-of-country care
  • Special medical equipment (such as a wheelchair)
  • A home renovation or vehicle conversion to make it easy for you to get around
  • Travel for medical appointments or treatments
  • Childcare expenses

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