Estate Planning


Estate Planning

Estate planning involves determining how an individual’s assets will be managed, preserved, and distributed after death or should they become incapacitated.

At R.R. Dobel Insurance Agency Ltd., we also incorporate maximizing the structure of our client’s affairs during lifetime, and retirement, as well as after death.

Estate planning obviously involves getting the hard facts, such as assets, real estate holdings, RRSP information, corporate assets, and details of existing insurance, as well as family information, business partners and marital status.

At R.R. Dobel Insurance Agency Ltd., we also try to incorporate the soft facts in the estate planning recommendations. The estate plan may fail if these soft facts are not uncovered. Most relate to family dynamics and are especially important to business owners. Who gets along with whom, what are children’s abilities, any sibling rivalry, any marital issues, any power struggles, are the heirs capable of managing the estate?

No matter how brilliant an estate plan might be, it will fail if the participants are unwilling to make it work.

We work hard at determining the client’s objectives and making sure the implementation fulfills those objectives.


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